Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering on COCO/ChemSep

based on H. Scott Fogler: Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering, Fifth edition,  Prentice Hall (2016).



(p. 157)  Example 5–2 Producing 200 Million Pounds per Year in a CSTR  (エチレングリコール生成液相反応)

A 16.1 mol/dm3 solution of ethylene oxide (EO) in water is mixed with an equal volumetric solution of water containing 0.9 wt% of the catalyst H2SO4 and fed to a CSTR.

[Solution](CSTR) Fogler_5_2.fsd

(CSTRs in series) Fogler_5_2_4CSTR.fsd

(PFR)  Fogler_5_2_PFR.fsd

(p. 165) Example 5–3 Design of a Full-Scale Tubular Reactor (PFR反応器の設計)

Determine the plug-flow reactor volume necessary to produce 300 million pounds of ethylene a year by cracking a feed stream of pure ethane. The reaction is irreversible and follows an elementary rate law. We want to achieve 80% conversion of ethane, operating the reactor isothermally at 1100 K and at a pressure of 6 atm.


[Solution]  Fogler_5_3.fsd

(p. 185) Example 5–7 Calculating X in a Reactor with Pressure Drop (圧力損失を考慮した触媒反応器の計算)

Ethylene and oxygen are fed in stoichiometric proportions to a packed-bed reactor operated isothermally at 260°C.


[Solution] Fogler_5_7.fsd Fogler_5_7.xlsm

(p. 190) A chemical plant for production of ethylene glycol. (エチレングリコール製造プロセス)

Forming a chemical plant to produce 200 million pounds of ethylene glycol from a feedstock of 402 million pounds per year of ethane.

[Solution]  Fogler_5_EG_lb.fsd

(p. 443) Example 10-2 Catalytic Reactor Design (トルエンの脱アルキル化反応(触媒反応))

The hydrodemethylation of toluene is to be carried out in a PBR catalytic reactor.

Plot and analyze the conversion, and the partial pressures of toluene, hydrogen, and benzene as a function of PBR catalyst weight.

[Solution] Fogler_10_2.fsd      Fogler_10_2.xlsm

(p. 506) Example 11-2 Heat of Reaction (反応熱)

Calculate the heat of reaction for the synthesis of ammonia from hydrogen and nitrogen at 150°C.

[Solution] Fogler_11_2.fsd

(p. 512) Example 11-3 Adiabatic Liquid-Phase Isomerization of Normal Butane (液相ブタン異性化反応)

Normal butane is to be isomerized to isobutane in a plug-flow reactor.---  Calculate the PFR volume necessary to process 100,000 gal/day (163 kmol/h) at 70% conversion of a mixture 90 mol% n-butane and 10 mol% i-pentane. Plot and analyze X, Xe, T, and –rA down the length of the reactor.

[Solution] Fogler_11_3.fsd  Fogler_11_3.xlsm

(p. 517) Example 11-3 Part (c) CSTR Solution

Let’s now calculate the adiabatic CSTR volume necessary to achieve 40% conversion. Do you think the CSTR will be larger or smaller than the PFR?

[Solution] Fogler_11_3_CSTR.fsd

(p. 556)  Example 12–2 Production of Acetic Anhydride

--- the key steps is the endothermic vapor-phase cracking of acetone to ketene and methane is

--  In this design it is desired to feed 7850 kg of acetone per hour to a tubular reactor. The reactor consists of a bank of 1000 one-inch schedule 40 tubes. We shall consider four cases of heat exchanger operation. The inlet temperature and pressure are the same for all cases at 1035 K and 162 kPa (1.6 atm) and the entering heating-fluid temperature available is 1250 K. A bank of 1000 one-in. schedule 40 tubes 1.79 m in length corresponds to 1.0 m3 (0.001 m3/tube = 1.0 dm3/tube) and gives 20% conversion.

Case 1 The reactor is operated adiabatically.
Case 2 Constant heat-exchange fluid temperature Ta = 1250 K
Case 3 Co-current heat exchange with Ta0 = 1250 K
Case 4 Countercurrent heat exchange with Ta0 = 1250 K.

[Solution] Case 1 Fogler_12_2_Case1.fsd  Fogler_12_2_Case1.xlsm

Case 2   Fogler_12_2_Case2.fsd    Fogler_12_2_Case2.xlsm

Case 3  Fogler_12_2_Case3.fsd    Fogler_12_2_Case3.xlsm

Case 4 Fogler_12_2_Case4.xlsm